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International Speaking

I provide a deep understanding of the interdependencies between economics, politics, technology and sociology. In my advisory I keep confidential and hidden. As an occasional speaker, I share conclusions and experience to shape a better future. Sharing a new-way of thinking that dissolves artificial boundaries, overcomes limitations and pushes the frontier way beyond what seemed possible.

In the past, we divided our study of the world into increasingly narrow disciplines, which allowed us to make tremendous progress. But we became conditioned to think within boundaries. How do we take advantage of interrelations to drive change and proactively transform our world? Organizations that dissolve boundaries and work across disciplines are making much greater progress. Leveraging complementary, diverse teams overcome boundaries. Individuals continuously outperform themselves because they always learn from each other.This is the key to unleash the full potential of individuals and organizations to create our future.

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Lars Holger Engelhard international speaker - key note speaker


  • Future of Urban Development and Services – How cities need to prepare for the UN's predicted world population of 9.6 billion by 2050
  • Future Mobility – Autonomous Driving, Drones, eVTOL, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), EVs, Connectivity & Infotainment
  • Re-Thinking Economics and Thinking Outside The Box – future growth and accelerated economy in ecologic responsible boundaries
  • Blockchain – far more than fintech, it's a movement!
  • Opportunity & Risk of Disruptive Technology – the need of positive disruption. Economic, Political, & Social
  • The Decentralized IT Advantage – scale, control and succeed with decentralized, resilient and multi-cloud IT systems
  • Innovation Management – disrupt yourself before someone else does
  • Business strategy in our fast-paced world – continuously evolve your brand
  • Move First and Keep Going Fast – gain and retain first-mover advantage!
  • Creating a Simplicity Advantage in Complex Systems – take advantage of interrelation, interference and synergy of Politics, Economics and Society

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