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Strategic Advisory

I achieved excellence in cross-industry and mission critical advisory for global investors, analysts, and top-management. Since 2015, I am leading the lists of several agencies and take direct calls, too. With a wide academic background and experience, I jump in all kinds of industries covering technology, economics, politics and social change - globally.

Typically, innovation is created outside your sweet-spot or comfort zone. It does not make sense to add more experts of your domain, what you need is a cross industry expert that helps you connect new dots and move your teams in a new direction.

Copying state of the art best practices won’t allow you to transform the big-picture. To ensure your vision becomes reality in today’s dynamic environment, you need to take complexity and dynamics into account. You will start to take advantage of interrelations and generate synergies across multiple disciplines. The result yields a resilient strategy despite uncertainty. Such an improved strategy and action plan will align actions. Introducing landmarks related to your presumptions, your teams will easily detect critical changes in your environment. Transform static roadmaps in dynamic way-finding to drive your vision!

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About the Author

Lars is incredibly talented. I have seen him plot outstanding strategies, developing the organization and aligning actions for global corporations – all in one go! Lars actually takes advantage of complexity. With his one of a kind mindset, he comes up with effective solutions. If you face complexity and need the best strategy for your organization, Lars is the perfect match for you – Robert Wildfeuer, Owner, Wildfeuer Consulting

Lars is a global visionary thinker, excelling at cross-disciplinary thinking and strategic team alignment. He hones in on the fundamental root of a problem and makes the solution happen at ground level, integrating the technical, human, and economic elements – Hunter Post, Strategic Coach, ex-Special Agent Top Secret Clearance

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A technique for determining shifted cargo on a vehicle is described. Sensor fusion is used to continuously calculate the center of mass of a vehicle in motion. The device is continuously comparing data of existing sensors and comparing them to recent calculations of likewise situations. The center of mass is one of the key elements for stability and maneuverability of a vehicle. Shifted cargo can now be recognized and tracked.
Severity of change can be used to trigger warnings (loosen cargo scattering around), significantly improve advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and guarantee overall functionality for semi- or fully autonomous cars.