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Combining diverse academic studies in technical and human fields, I provide a multidisciplinary thinking, claimed manifold patents and keep driving positive disruption. Backed with a strong international network, I accelerate innovation.

I claimed my first single inventor patent in the field of advanced driver assistance systems while I was working on innovative 2D/3D Image processing, driving the bold vision of autonomous driving early in 2004. Back than, this was still science-fiction to the rest of the world. I continued to claim dozens of patents throughout various industries including network connectivity, safety & security, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Turning those ideas into innovative products, I advanced my natural leadership character. Extra-occupational studies in psychology took me to the next level. Seeking answers to economics and global politics, I started my international MBA studies. Writing the strategy and action plan to re-align a global corporation while challenging a new market segment became an amazing Master-Mind-Thesis. Taking advantage of complexity and dynamics throughout various academic disciplines, sociology became a new arena to create compelling and feasible strategies. You may enjoy viewing my Vita or check on numerous patents I claimed in the past. Driven by pure curiosity, dedicated to innovative solutions and supported by a strong network, I continue to push frontiers. Writing for the Club of Rome, driving technical innovation and crafting strategies for international politics ... I am passionate about resilient and adaptive strategies driving long-term prosperity!


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The invention relates to a motor vehicle comprising: 1) a communication unit that is designed to receive respective status data from at least one other vehicle located in an environment of the motor vehicle, 2) said status data containing positional information of the other vehicle; and 3) an analysis device having a digital road map with driving direction information.

The invention relates to a method for setting user data of a new user in a motor vehicle. Its purpose is to personalize the motor vehicle for the new user, even if the type of vehicle is new to the user. Big Data analysis and self-learning algorithms are used to predict the configuration best matching the physical conditions and known preferences of the user.

The invention relates to a method for setting signaling devices for a construction site depending on the current state and activity of the construction site. Traffic flow as well as construction activities can be adjusted to balance traffic flow, environmental conditions and safety of construction workers. Smart sensors, manual and automatic adjustments of the site manager and predictive algorithms are creating reasonable and logic adjustments.