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Combining diverse academic studies in technical and human fields, I provide a multidisciplinary thinking, claimed manifold patents and keep driving positive disruption. Backed with a strong international network, I accelerate innovation.

I claimed my first single inventor patent in the field of advanced driver assistance systems while I was working on innovative 2D/3D Image processing, driving the bold vision of autonomous driving early in 2004. Back than, this was still science-fiction to the rest of the world. I continued to claim dozens of patents throughout various industries including network connectivity, safety & security, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Turning those ideas into innovative products, I advanced my natural leadership character. Extra-occupational studies in psychology took me to the next level. Seeking answers to economics and global politics, I started my international MBA studies. Writing the strategy and action plan to re-align a global corporation while challenging a new market segment became an amazing Master-Mind-Thesis. Taking advantage of complexity and dynamics throughout various academic disciplines, sociology became a new arena to create compelling and feasible strategies. You may enjoy viewing my Vita or check on numerous patents I claimed in the past. Driven by pure curiosity, dedicated to innovative solutions and supported by a strong network, I continue to push frontiers. Writing for the Club of Rome, driving technical innovation and crafting strategies for international politics ... I am passionate about resilient and adaptive strategies driving long-term prosperity!


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The invention relates to a method for exchanging data in a communication system comprising a number of communication subscribers who exchange data with at least one data source.

The invention relates to a method for wrong-way driver detection. The device is receiving signals of other road users. Those signals are processed to identify wrong-way driving of any road user. Alerts can be signaled to the driver, semi- or fully autonomous vehicle and distributed to any other road user.

For mobile access to a stationary data network, a substantially location-dependent transmission bandwidth is provided by a wireless interface. The aim of the invention is to avoid movement-related limitations during the data transmission in a mobile terminal.