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Privacy Policy

Contact Form
If you decide to write using the contact form, your entered data will be used to send an eMail to us. Your data will not be stored on the webserver but forwarded to our office. Only your current IP Address assigned by your internet provider, will be logged on the server logfiles. Your contact data will be used to process and respond to your enquiry.
If you feel the need to send a private message, you will find our PGP information on our website. We take your data privacy seriously!

Deleting or blocking of your data
We stick to the principles of data avoidance and data minimization. We use your data to process your enquiries and for check backs. Your data is stored only if legal regulations require retention periods.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics, a web analysis tool of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics is using ‚Cookies‘, simple text files stored by your browser on your computer. We take your privacy serious, so we decided to anonymize all IP address used for this service. The anonymized data sets are usually transferred to servers of Google. Like ourselves, Google may learn from those data about our website traffic, but not about you.

If you decide to deny any cookies, this feature will be dismissed, and no anonymized data will be collected. You may also decide to deactivate any cookies in your browser. Google offers a browser add on to deactivate all Google Analytics permanently: Browser Add On to deactivate Google Analytics

Social Plugins
We provide functionality for you to share content using ‚Social-Media-Buttons’. As we take your privacy extremely serious, we choose an open-source solution called ‘Shariff’. These are images linking to the corresponding service of the social-media platform to share the content. None of the social-media platforms will receive any data unless you choose to use the links.

We provide social-media services links for:
Facebook Inc. (1601 S. California Ave - Palo Alto - CA 94304 - USA)
Twitter Inc. (795 Folsom St. - Suite 600 - San Francisco - CA 94107 - USA)
Whatsapp (
4 Grand Canal Square - Grand Canal Harbour - Dublin 2 - Irland)
XING AG (Gänsemarkt 43 - 20354 Hamburg - Deutschland)
LinkedIn Corporation (2029 Stierlin Court - Mountain View - CA 94043 - USA)

Like many other websites, we are using 'Cookies', too. Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on your local computer. They store little information as text and cannot do anything but improve your browser experience. Of course, you may decide not to store any 'Cookies'. We will try to generate our content for best browsing experience but cannot guarantee the exact same behavior.

Your right for information, correction, ban and deletion
You have the right to ask for any data stored about you. Most likely, there will be no data about you, due to our data avoidance policy.
If we store any data about you, we will let you know in response of your enquiry. You may then correct, ban or ask for deletion of your data, unless otherwise prohibited by legal claims such as mandatory data storage for the purposes of conducting business.

Changes of our data privacy policy
We might need to change and adapt our data privacy policies to match legal regulations, improved technology and additional services. Updated versions will be posted on our website.


No front page content has been created yet.

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair of the Club of Rome, invited me to join this ambitious project in late 2015. 'Come On!' shows what can be done to develop a more sustainable world. Members of the club are optimistic that fabulous opportunities exist to guide the world towards sustainable prosperity. In my previous academics and business profession, I observed various notable changes in our society encouraging him to interlink technology, politics, economics and sociology.

Wir sind dran. Club of Rome: Der große Bericht Was wir ändern müssen, wenn wir bleiben wollen. Eine neue Aufklärung für eine volle Welt

Lars ist Mitautor dieses Buches.

»Wir verfügen über genügend Wissen, die erforderlichen Veränderungen für den Erhalt der Welt zu schaffen.« (Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker)

Earth is currently accommodating about 7 billion people. Caused by our habits and living, we would need two of them to remain in balance. The United Nations predict humanity to grow up to 11 billion people in 2100. Therefore, it is time to reconsider our habits, alliances and politics.

Challenged during an international authorship meeting with our world's elite in 2015, one of our founding members was invited to analyze current shortcomings and rethink our current mechanisms of national and international politics.